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Spooky & Cute: Why I made a “Love is Love” Colouring Book

Spooky & Cute: Why I made a “Love is Love” Colouring Book

And Now for Something Completely Different: I did a new thing. There is power in trying something different every once in a while. So I created a kid’s coloring book just for the sake of it. I combined my love for all things spooky & weird with my other love for cute unicorns and beauty. So everyone who likes both can have it all in one book. Depending on your mood, you can now colour a sad monster today, a lavish unicorn the other and a funny froggo the next. And why not go crazy with a Donut-munching unicorn swinging on a moon? 

Coloring is a great way to relieve stress and have some fun! If you watch closely, the world is bursting with color and life. The more we embrace diversity in our lives, the brighter it becomes. By merging opposites like light and dark or masculine and feminine together – just as rainbows do – a magical rainbow appears over all of creation; where sparkles of love disperse across every creature no matter what their age or gender may be to show how much they’re loved by others around them.

The best way I can describe it would be as if a rainbow had its colors stolen away by the darkness that lurks within us. And then your magic comes in you see what was once nothing more but black lines on white paper now has color bursting out at every angle across each page until there’s no room left for anything but picturesque wonderment…

What is better than a unicorn? A spooky, purple one! That’s why I created this coloring book with all of my favorite things. Whether you want to color the dark and mysterious monster or just some pretty pictures in pastels, there are pages for everyone here. These illustrations are just waiting to be brought to life in your own unique style. There are no rules or limits on how you color these pages – so go wild!

If you’re not into colouring yourself, you might take it as a present for friends with kids as I do! Colouring is one of the best ways to unleash young imaginations! It’s also nice that you don’t have to worry about making mistakes when coloring because all those errors add charm instead of frustration.⠀

Coloring books allow children to express themselves without being strictly confined by lines or colors on paper like in other art mediums; this freedom encourages creativity while letting them enjoy their own idiosyncrasies and different styles with color combinations in whichever way suits them. This makes it easier than ever before not only for adults but youngsters too who might otherwise feel restricted or inhibited from exploring artistic expression through traditional routes such as drawing, painting etcetera. I’m so excited about this new creative outlet because when people look at these drawings they look happy and it reminds them of childhood dreams.

The book has gone through a trial phase – the test subjects (aged 6-35) loved it so far, which makes me so very happy!!! I hope, you like it, too! 🖤💖 . If you want to check it out, there you go:



Available all around the globe via Amazon, just put in “Jea Pics Colouring Book” or try these links:

USA – United States

United Kingdom







Click on the video post to take a look inside!


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