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Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2023 in Leipzig

I was waiting for what feels like an eternity to see Wave-Gotik-Treffen  taking place again,[…]

WGT at the Gallery: Exhibition & Books

I’m thrilled to be part again of the annual art exhibition at “Kunst liebt Mut”[…]

Illustrating “The Twilight Kaleidoscope” – Christian von Aster

When Christian von Aster asked me to create illustrations for his horror anthology “The Twilight[…]

Launching HOPE

As 2021 comes to a close, a new vision arises. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, the future unfolds in the darkness. And as diverse as visionary dreams can be, so is the form of the light in the dark. This recent series is a compelling case for variations on a theme: Hope.


Each work is available as print on high-quality museum grade paper for a limited time only. 

Orchid Symphony

The work’s delicate shades serve as a representation of what life might be like after a crisis; blossoms can grow again, but they’ll never forget how much has been lost.

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Bauhaus Snow

The work entitled “Bauhaus Snow”  refers to both tradition in architectural style as well as transporting emotional insight into what it feels like when everything freezes over with ice.

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The fiery red pigment is an attraction in itself, but the motif is what makes this piece so enchanting; it has such captivating detail that it seems as though nothing else exists around it.

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Royal Blood

The artwork “Royal Blood” weaves themes of mortality and material goods. It refers to of how wealth and poverty are inevitably connected in a unequal way.

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Melanie Brühler

Trust Jea to discover beauty where you thought none could ever be found. She gives her subjects layers and depth, but most importantly: She gives them meaning.

Susan Merry

Jea Pics’ Art has something hard to define. There is just more to it than meets the eye. Her Art touches the soul. 

Beth Hill

Thank you for sharing your art with the world! Especially your photography. Some pieces are so powerful! They really speak.

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Get your own digital portrait!

The phrase “Art that touches the Soul” featured on my website emphasises the importance of capturing the very essence of a soul and turning it into something memorable. Now you can get your own unique soul-trait that is as personal as can be and will be cherished forever – and makes a perfect gift, too!

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Jea Pics Art

// portraying people and places with a hint of the unseen
// transcending smooth surfaces hinging at the dark in everything
// creating surreal and dark scenes digitally, sometimes adding 3D renders and acrylic color
// thematically drawing on identity and anonymity and everything in-between. The digital in relation to reality form somber and melancholic picture mindscapes with insights of vulnerability and strength at the same time.




Show you are not afraid


Dark Digital Reality

The process of creating is just as important to me as the creation itself. Similarly, the artwork changes, begins to move, delves into digital worlds as well as tangible space in acrylic colour. Construction and deconstruction are parts of the same work.

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On the Island


Parisian Melancholia


Somber notes on Edinburgh


London Calling


Darker Lisbon


Prison Patarai


Supporting local artists

There is so much creative energy in this city – much of it undiscovered. I want to give some of the artists of Leipzig an opportunity to share their work and say a word or two about their life, art and their home. Maybe you will see something you like.

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