Leipzig, Germany

Female Artists – Group Exhibition at BeuteltierArt Gallery, Leipzig

Female Artists – Group Exhibition at BeuteltierArt Gallery, Leipzig

One exhibition is over, and the next has just begun! I am part of a group exhibition at Beuteltier Art Gallery! This art show is focusing on female artists, who show their works, and give insights into their art and what drives them.⁠ They share their story and the message behind the art. The personal life stories of the artists give hope, as they show that upheavals in life are worthwhile.

The artists are:

Anne Schlesinger (Chemnitz)
Caroline Okon (Leipzig)
Jea Pics (Leipzig)
Juli Schupa (Neubrandenburg)
Simone Urbanietz-Preiss (Reutlingen)

The Exhibition is on until 28th October 2022.

Women in the art world are often unseen: They are still far too often overlooked in the male-dominated art world. The stories of these five female artists, their works of art, and their motivation will hopefully give many people the confidence to go their own way.

The artists’ paths to art are very different, as are their artistic styles. But they have one thing in common: They want to inspire you and encourage you to make your dreams come true.


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