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Hope, Part II: The Making of a World

Hope, Part II: The Making of a World

The world is reshaping every day, and it will never be the same after 2020. As we delve deeper into this new life post-crisis, a lot of things are happening that make us want to give up hope but how much did “normal” ever serve anyone well? New solutions for our problems might just come from all the time left on earth where there are so many opportunities still open for people like me who yearn to succeed in their passions.

The word hope is a powerful one. It can be used to describe anything from an emotion, a feeling of anticipation or longing for something in the future, or even as a verb meaning to wish for something with great desire. The making of this world was wrought with hope and without it we would have never been able to get through. Yet, every day people lose their sense of hope when they experience any number of tragedies that life has handed them. I will show you how art can help restore your sense of hope and provide you with strength during difficult times by exploring some pieces that are particularly hopeful.


Cryptocurrencies and the environment are two areas that have been neglected by many, but not through ignorance. Cryptocurrency is a digital currency that uses encryption techniques to generate new units of money and verify transactions as well as control its creation whilst dealing with environmental issues such as pollution due to people mining for Bitcoin on their home computers or in power-hungry factories. This art piece seeks out what these interconnected problems could mean for future generations who will be left to deal with this mess if things continue as they do now.

Cryptocurrency has become an ever-present part of our lives – constantly connecting us all together despite geographical barriers between countries; however, the same can’t be said about its connection with one integral aspect: the environment.

Orchid Symphony

The artwork “Orchid Symphony” impresses with its soft violet and yellow-orange hues, the feeling of a flower blooming in space. It’s an outstanding example of how light can alter one’s perspective on what was once only dark greys into something much more colorful . The work’s delicate shades serve as an accurate representation of what life might be like after a crisis; blossoms can grow again, but they’ll never forget how much has been lost.


Red Sea

“Red Sea” is an artwork like a fever dream, the colours glow in the blackness of the background, the blue of the night confusing your mind. It might be too dark to really see but you get the hot blossoms of darkness swimming in your perception. “The colors explode in the darkness like flowers growing from black soil and are too mesmerizing to look away for long. This is almost a shape-shifting work of art that will confuse the viewer’s mind with its colors, and leave them in awe.


Bauhaus Snow

Wearing a cold facade of geometric shapes and cool colors, the Bauhaus snow illustration collage captures an icy winter emotion. This artwork is perfect for those who love architecture or art pieces reflecting life’s beauty during this time of year! The work entitled “Bauhaus Snow”  refers to both tradition in architectural style as well as transporting emotional insight into what it feels like when everything freezes over with ice.

Love Spell

You are longing to feel desired again-to know what it feels like when someone is willing to do anything just because they want you around. You deserve every ounce of happiness in the world; let’s make sure there is one more person who sees how wonderful and amazing you really are by bringing their attention right back where it belongs: with YOU!

Royal Blood

The artwork “Royal Blood” weaves themes of mortality and material goods. It is a common belief that the world we live in revolves around acquiring material goods. We are constantly striving for more and better things to make our lives easier, but what does all this matter when you’re dead? When you build your empire on the backs of others, eventually it will collapse. You might be a Queen or King with Diamonds and Rings but that doesn’t mean anything if everyone else is impoverished.


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