Leipzig, Germany

No tears

No tears

Zeitschrift "Auszeit" 04/2016

Stefan & Franzi are currently featured in my article in magazine “Auszeit” 04/2016

…for the creatures of the night.

I met Stefan & Franzi at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2016 where I took photos as usually. But I had some special plans with them. I was shooting and interviewing for my upcoming article, six pages about the scene, the WGT and being different for the magazine “Auszeit”. The article draws heavily on my very own experiences but I chose some interesting protagonists to enhance the text. Stefan & Franzi are the cutest couple you can imagine, and of course their trad goth style is flawless. As we took pictures I discovered a “Vegan Society” sticker on their luggage and that’s how we discovered we had something more in common –  this turned out to be another vegan shooting! 😀
Other protagonists are Elle, (more pictures of her here), Nancy, a friend and author (Books with Bite) who emigrated to London, and Gabriele, a lovely trad goth from Edinburgh.
The magazine is now available in Germany at most newspaper kiosks and also online. Unfortunately, the publishers had to cut the text in half to fit the six pages – but at least their picture remained.


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