Leipzig, Germany



Meet the alien – who might look like a being from outer space, but really is a manifestation of physical discomfort taken to extreme. As ever so often the martyred body is a female one – painted and distorted by digital means. The eyes too big, the extremities too slender, the rib cage so caved in it hurts looking at it. What did those eyes see, what did these elongated fingers touch, what is the fabric of this paper thin black skin like?

The alien does not speak, it can’t. The creature has a voice but it’s so tiny and far away, every word spoken is riddled with static.

The creature in the cage was once from Earth but now it is trapped here on this desolate planet that rotates eternally around its star. When the sun goes down, when shadows swallow up all light there are only two things to do: sleep or stare at the stars until they too disappear into nothingness and all that is left is darkness.

They came from a place that we couldn’t even imagine. They had thin legs, and instead of fingers they had long digits on each hand. Their eyes were enormous and their skulls too small for the size of their heads. They wanted to know how humans live, so they traveled here with an intention to stay for thirty days without being seen or heard by any human beings.

The alien’s body was frail in appearance but it was because his chest was compressed too tightly against his ribs and spine. Her skin seemed translucent enough that my own flesh could be seen through it if I stretched out my hands close enough towards her.
I stared at her strange body, the alien was so fragile and it’s skin seemed translucent enough that my own flesh could be seen through it if I stretched out my hands close enough towards.

I had to stop myself from reaching for her hand because I knew that she would disappear right before my eyes like a puff of smoke, or one of those holograms we used to use back in the day of virtual reality. It must have been all in my head but as soon as I tried to reach for her hand, she put up one finger and shook her head side-to-side while whispering something inaudible.


Model: Kali Morphiana
Photography & Design: Jea Pics





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