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Hope, Part III: Nature & Artifice

Hope, Part III: Nature & Artifice

We are on the verge of a new chapter in human history. In this New World, we will see how our relationship to nature changes as it becomes more sustainable and symbiotic with society. As humanity continues to grow through artificial intelligence and nanotechnologies, so too do all other species of life that have been pushed back by us since arriving here some 10’s of thousands years ago – yet they never left!

Nature is a force that cannot be stopped. Regardless of whether the human race perishes or not, nature will reclaim its place on Earth and produce vibrant life forms to fill up every empty space imaginable–that’s just what it does all day anyway!



Mushroom Party

The artwork “Mushroom Party” takes your imagination to another moment in time where the atmosphere transports one out of this world into something surrealistic, mystical and magical; with all its wondrous colours, long-forgotten wisdom embedded within each structure.
This art piece takes anyone’s mind from reality for just a few fleeting moments (and then back again) while exposing them as well as us at once through beautiful darker hues – making these memories never seen before but also nostalgic feeling because they are very much reminiscent in nature like those found buried deep in the ground.


Lust for Live

“Lust for Life” is a piece of artwork that addresses the issues related to climate change and how some species will do anything in their power to survive. Climate change has been occurring over time with more rapidity recently due largely in part to human interference. Species are willing to go so far as making drastic changes such as giving up reproduction or changing habitats just to stay alive, even if it means they’ll be living among other animals who also want this land too. Nature’s beauty can’t help but make us wonder what we’re doing wrong when an animal feels like its better option than extinction is going into another creature’s territory.


Justice and Sense

The artwork “Justice and Sense” is a reminder to not let the law take over common sense. Reviewing laws every once in a while ensures that they are still applicable for today’s society.


The Musked Elf

He’s almost like a mad scientist, an inventor of the new future. He even dates the goddess Grimes – all while pushing humanity forward with his radical ideas for AI technology. Elon Musk has set about making our world cleaner by creating solar panels that are affordable for everyone; he also started The Boring Company to solve traffic congestion in cities like LA; then there’s Tesla which is leading us into electric vehicles! All this on top of dating one-of-a-kind artist, Claire Boucher aka Grimes? Elon does not sleep much but we thank him because these days it seems like we need all hands on deck if anyone wants a chance at surviving climate change.


But first, coffee!

“But first, coffee” is a phrase, but still the magical potion has an engine in our world. It pushes people to ideas and enlightens those endorphins – so caffeine fuels their engines!


The Secret Book

The secret book is hidden in your dreams, but it’s also very real because natural rules are written within. And no matter how much we try and learn all the secrets of this world, there will always be more to explore.


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