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How to find the perfect artwork for your home

How to find the perfect artwork for your home

Maybe you live in a home with plain walls and now it’s time to spice up the place. You’re moving into a new house, or maybe you have an artistic eye that want wants your living space to reflect individualism. Either way, there are many ways of getting creative with blank spaces on the wall for different purposes! Finding new art for your home is fun.  A visually attractive artwork helps a lot to create a feeling of freshness and adds color to your room. With amazing artwork in your home, you can also add other things like cushions, rugs, and lamps for creating a wonderful look.

Yet choosing artwork for home may not always be the easiest task. Even for some people, it can be the most challenging part of the home décor. Many questions like how to choose the right size, the right colors and the right art for your place can confuse a person. So if you are stuck deciding what kind of artwork will look good in your home or you are confused in choosing one, then this article is for you. Read it till the end to know the simple tips and tricks that will help you to choose an artwork that fits your style and space.

Select the tone

Before selecting anything, first of all, decide if you want your home to have a casual or a formal style. Light, shiny and bright colors displayed on an unframed canvas give off a casual feel to the viewers. Whereas, a piece showing distinct lines, textures, and structures in a slightly darker and subtle color will give off a formal feel.

The Style of the Artwork

Well, the style of artwork that a person chooses is highly specific and is not the same for all people so don’t rush into it. Focus on your mind and ask yourself what thing you find the most appealing about a piece of artwork, the color, and the subject. Don’t decide in one moment and take your time to answer this question. You can also view the art piece again after a few hours or even the next day. And if you still love it and are attracted by it then buy it because you have established a connection with it.

Balance: Selecting the Colors

Colors have a big impact, they speak a lot about your personality. The color of any object in your room plays an important part in maintaining the look of a room and the colors of artwork are also involved in affecting the overall appearance and look of your room. In case if you want that the art piece should show off the main color then all other things surrounding it have to support it for creating a good balance. Make sure that they contrast together. For instance, if the artwork has a warm, dark, and intense color, then make sure that other pieces around it are in light and cool colors. This will make it stand out and prominent among all others.

Selecting the Perfect Frame

Generally, black or white frames are preferred. They are never out of trend and style and for a very long time are people’s choice. Well, gold and silver are also good options but that depends on your art piece, your room, and the color of your walls and floor. Timber frames are also an option used by many people but they look good in a timber house. A dark mahogany frame won’t look good in a house with blonde timber floors.

The Kitchen: The Heart of the House

One important place that we forget in terms of artwork is the kitchen. Normally the kitchen is known as the heart of the home because it is the most used room of the house. So you also need to add art to this room. Spaces above the cabinets are generally the most preferred areas for displaying artwork in the kitchen. Don’t choose big pieces for this space. You can have more than one of the smaller sizes! Choose those which give you a refreshing feel, every morning you see them.

The artworks in your home are valuable to you and, as such, it’s important that they be safeguarded from the harmful effects of cooking. To avoid this issue altogether while still enjoying them throughout the kitchen space consider metal or acrylic prints rather than paper ones, which can become damaged by vapours and moisture-laden air during use. If these options don’t work for you then we recommend framing with secure glass panels so that even if there is a mishap all will not be lost!

The Bedroom: An Ocean of Relaxation

The bedroom is probably the favorite place of all human beings. It is the place where we get a chance to relax and the artwork that a person displays over here should also reflect this. The perfect place for displaying the artwork in the bedroom is directly over the bed or on the wall opposite the bed. When it comes to the size of pieces the large pieces are the most preferred option, and they should be displayed at eye level. The most preferred pieces are the abstract pieces with soothing tones or colors that give a relaxing and pleasant effect to our eyes. If you are a lover of photography then landscapes or less saturated pieces are the best.

Bathroom: Space for Small Gems of Art

Another room that often gets ignored when it comes to artwork, is the bathroom. Make sure that the artwork you choose should go with the vibe of the bathroom. For instance, if it is a powder room located on the main level then go for bright pieces and those which sound more fun. If you are searching artwork for a master bath then choose the pieces which are serene and calming. Another important thing is that the bathroom art looks more amazing when displayed in pairs, they can be the same or different pieces displayed side by side or at a little distance. The perfect place to display them is over the toilet, over the bathtub or over the towel hooks

Living room: Showcasing Personality

In many houses, this is the most spacious room. The living room is fun to decorate with art and many other decoration pieces of many types. Most of the time this one is the most intimidating room, too. While decorating the living room you may feel a lot of pressure because this is the room where guests spend time when they visit your home. A living room is a great place to showcase some of your favorite art pieces, giving guests something wonderful to admire while they’re visiting. You can choose a large gallery wall or even a large–scale piece. The colors of the art and the frame depend on your room and the settings around it. Choose the colors which create a contrast, but do not interfere with the tone of the room. The color palette will affect how light reflects off different surfaces in your space-which can make or break an image on one wall’s border to another!

Art is an important part of any home. There are many ways to make your own and the process can be very therapeutic for some people. If you’re not sure where to start, we can have a conversation about a variety of different styles that will fit in with most spaces! I hope you found this blog post to be helpful in your search for how to decorate and personalize a home. There is so much awesome artwork out there waiting to find the perfect place on your walls, but it can take time and effort looking through all of it! I also recommend checking out some other blogs about decorating tips like this here or at this site ! If you’re interested in finding new art for your home, contact me today!


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