Leipzig, Germany

Hope – Spring Series

Hope – Spring Series

I love waking up and gazing out the window, watching as the sun climbs over the horizon. The light streams in through my bedroom windows and I take a deep breath before lying back down to sleep some more. But today is different; today I want to be awake. I throw on all my layers for warmth and head outside into the crisp morning air that greets me with its silent embrace.

This series speaks to the idea that we are all subject to transformations. From a highly developed “Life Cell”, to a developing cascade of forms, liquids, and animal traits, right into the future with the epitome of masculinity and technocracy. In the midst of creating this series, the war in Ukraine started, shaking up all former beliefs in common sense, the goodness of human nature, and enlightenment. The result of my feelings about this was the last artwork “Call for Peace”.


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