Leipzig, Germany



November 2021, everyone is just tired. Even small highlights like this tiny trip to Weimar cannot ever fill the void in my chest that is starving for new experiences. It seems so peaceful and bourgois; nothing at all like the big city I’m used to. But this place is charming in a way that’s hard to describe; it’s like everything has been frozen in time. I wander through the streets lined with old buildings, each one more picturesque than the last. The sun is setting behind me, painting the sky with beautiful oranges.

The city of Weimar is a place where great minds have come together to discuss the future or literary classics. Greats like Goethe and Schiller lived here. Weimar is an important part of Germany’s history because it has been home to many cultures for thousands of years. This is the place where literature history was created. You take a walk through this hallowed ground. As you look up to see these buildings where great poets have written their books, you feel inspired just being here.



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