Leipzig, Germany

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WGT at the Gallery: Exhibition 2024

I am already excited for this year’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) and along with that, there is – of course – the annual group exhibition at the Gallery! Looking forward to show my new series “Neo Dystopia” alongside amazing artists such as Florentine Joop, Luci van Org, Holger Much and Susan Illingworth!   Live Dates: Saturday, May …

Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2023 in Leipzig

I was waiting for what feels like an eternity to see Wave-Gotik-Treffen  taking place again, four days of nightly nostalgia. It’s all about getting together; it’s about meeting friends and making new ones. There’s no need to feel disappointed if you couldn’t attend every band you wanted to because that’s the WGT! Going with the …

The Revival: Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2022 in Leipzig

After two years it has finally happened! Last weekend the creatures of the night returned to paint the city of Leipzig black again. It was more than just a festival, it was the revival of Wave-Gotik-Treffen as we know it, four days of hyper nostalgia. It felt like the past two years of isolation and bad …

Dresden in Spring

Dresden, as it is not that far from Leipzig, I really wonder why I am hardly ever taking a trip there. It’s well worth it, as you can see.  


November 2021, everyone is just tired. Even small highlights like this tiny trip to Weimar cannot ever fill the void in my chest that is starving for new experiences. It seems so peaceful and bourgois; nothing at all like the big city I’m used to. But this place is charming in a way that’s hard …

LE Grande: Leipzig Monochrome

Leipzig, my beloved city. But in the midst of a pandemic maybe not so beautiful all the time. There were always people here: hanging out on benches, drinking coffee at cafes, and smoking cigarettes outside pubs. Nowadays though? It’s like the city died. There are hardly any people around; all is quiet. Everyone is just …

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