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WGT at the Gallery: Exhibition 2024

WGT at the Gallery: Exhibition 2024

I am already excited for this year’s Wave-Gotik-Treffen (WGT) and along with that, there is – of course – the annual group exhibition at the Gallery! Looking forward to show my new series “Neo Dystopia” alongside amazing artists such as Florentine Joop, Luci van Org, Holger Much and Susan Illingworth!


Live Dates:

Saturday, May 18th, 3:00-4:00 pm
Reading with Florentine Joop and Holger Much

Sunday, May 19th, 3:00-4:00 pm
Reading and Music with Luci van Org & Florentine Joop

Exhibition “WGT in the Gallery”:
May 17th to June 29th, 2024

Featured artists:

  • Jea Pics – Neo Dystopia
  • Susan Illingworth – The Miniatures of Curiosities
  • Luci van Org
  • Florentine Joop – Illustrations
  • Holger Much illustrations


The annual WGT-Exhibition at “Kunst liebt Mut”- Gallery, Leipzig

I am glad to share with you all about the upcoming art exhibition featuring the amazing works of these awesome artists!

Jea Pics: Neo Dystopia

The series “Neo Dystopia – Pictures from the Future” catapults us directly into a world where technology rules and everything is turned upside down. These eight works of art are like windows into a future that is simultaneously cool and a little scary.F uturistic moods with a touch of “what if?”: What might it look like if our decisions today set the direction for tomorrow?

The series has this dark, cool look and gives the feeling of a fictional future about what happens when technology and society drift in new directions. It’s about the interplay between being alone and being together; it shows what we could gain and what we have to lose.

“Neo Dystopia” is an invitation to think about what traces we want to leave behind. It shows in an exciting and stylish way why it is important to set the course now for a future in which we would all like to live.

Susan Illingworth: The Miniatures of Curiosities

The artist Susan Illingworth lives in Melbourne, Australia. Her art focuses on heritage, vintage style, architecture and interior design. She uses a special technique where she overlays photographs with a digital layer of synthetic polymer on canvas. By bringing together collected and self-photographed objects, she creates interesting collages. Her surreal images are created from these elements; each piece is unique.

Susan Illingworth’s “Miniatures of Curiosities” combine neo-Victorian and Edwardian miniature figures in whimsical scenarios with historical settings. From the English Queen Anne architecture of Bundoora Homestead to the Italian elegance of Barwon Park Mansion, each miniature depicts a richly detailed world with elements of Australian Gothic and wildlife. This collection invites audiences to discover the lovingly crafted, theatrical scenes and immerse themselves in the creatively dark, vibrant landscape.

Florentine Joop: Art and Illustrations 

Florentine Joop will show artworks in addition to selected illustrations for the book “Raben Sister” (which she will read for us together with Holger Much on Saturday at 3 p.m.).

She has always been fascinated by faces. She always tries to overcome the distance between the image and the viewer, trying to create an intimate moment in which the viewer feels included. A moment of peace and exchange with the familiar yet strange creatures – be they people or animals.

Holger Much: Illustrations

Artist and author Holger Much will show a selection of his illustrations and pictures. In addition to the motifs from their second volume “As Far as the Wings Carry – Raven Sister” designed jointly by both Florentine Joop and Holger Much, Holger Much will also, among other things, present his new tryptich, created especially for the exhibition in the gallery.

His works have their very own charisma, they take you into a fantastic world: goblins, fairies, fauns, dryads and many other mythical creatures are brought to life through his art.

Opening hours:

Friday, May 17th 2024, 1pm – 6pm
Saturday, May 18th 2024, 1pm – 6pm
Sunday, May 19th 2024, 1pm – 6pm
Monday, May 20 2024, 1pm – 4pm


“Kunst liebt Mut”- Gallery (ehem. BeuteltierArt)
Könneritzstraße 24, Leipzig


More information (German)


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