Leipzig, Germany

New Art Series: Neo Dystopia

New Art Series: Neo Dystopia

This new series is like a kaleidoscope of the future, combining elements of solitude, technological failure, and, of course, a neo-gothic atmosphere. It is influenced by “Blade Runner” and similar movies and books, but since humankind really is moving towards a rather dark era, I am re-dreaming the future in a new way.

Technological advances, while dazzling, occasionally falter and highlight the limitations of our ever-evolving tools. There’s a sense of denial, where we confront our reluctance to acknowledge pressing issues in favor of pursuing superficial pursuits.

The resulting isolation and the need for genuine connection are expressed in the pulsating red lights. They flicker like the beating of a collective heart, a call to break free from the loneliness that technology sometimes fosters and to seek out real, meaningful relationships in the midst of our hyper-modern existence.

And woven into this narrative is a neo-gothic allure, an element of darkness and mystery that adds depth and intrigue to the overall deconstructed aesthetic.





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