Leipzig, Germany

“I A M N O T H E R E”- Exhibition, Leipzig

“I A M N O T H E R E”- Exhibition, Leipzig

Accompanying the book publication there will be a two-week exhibition in the BeuteltierArt Galerie, which shows pictures from this series in particular. Since I also address negative emotions and destructive ideas with my pictures, they fit well into the anthology, even if they are not about the subject itself. Rather, by expressing destructive, supposedly “bad” thoughts and feelings, a kind of catharsis is aimed at, i.e. processing and not concealing these taboo topics. ⁠

The artworks are part of the new book “To be or not to be – Suicide in Science and Art”, which is published by Edition Outbird. The anthology by Dr. Katherina Heinrichs and Prof. Dr. Jörg Vögele, conveys how diverse the topic of suicide is on the one hand. Shock and bewilderment, personal reports from those affected and survivors, various scientific and artistic facets – such as the works by Jea Pics and the cover photo by Holger Much – show the diversity of this sad topic.

About the “I am not here” – series

This series of images portrays a person by looking at their inner life: excerpts from their life in the form of places, objects, details and also portraits, but always in such a way that no face can be seen.

As a whole this collection forms a mosaic of the inner life of this person, existing between reality and the digital. This feeling of non-existence is born from the desire to withdraw in order to protect oneself in a world where visibility and being seen are constantly enforced and recorded, real and digital, present and biometric.

Appearance can never represent a complete picture of an individual, and yet today’s world seems obsessed with it. The person appears digitally alienated, without a face, thrown back on themselves in resistance to protect their own ego.

The exhibition can be seen in the gallery and here in the shop from September 8th to September 24th, 2022.


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