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Launching “HOPE” – Kunst trifft WGT 2022

Launching “HOPE” – Kunst trifft WGT 2022

Everything starts with a plan. After two years of pandemic isolation, and creating a whole new series of artworks, it’s time to bring them into real life – to put them on the walls of my fav gallery, right here in my city: Beuteltier Art Gallery.

It’s starting in June 2022, when the big Goth Festival is taking place here, the #WaveGotikTreffen. It used to be my place to start every year before the pandemic. The theme itself was clear; the name of the series is “Hope”, but of course, I needed some more description of this newfound style of mine. Well, my previous pictures are mostly black and white works, deeply emotional and even disturbing. But the new “Hope” series had been inspired by the two years of the pandemic. The blackout of the first shock, but looking for the light in the dark. Hoping for things to get better over and over again, wishing for a new and improved future.

Colorful, ornamental forms unfold on large, black backgrounds, radiating harmony and calm in their symmetry. Shapes of blossoms and elements of the animal world form a consistent concept. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, the future unfolds here in the dark. And as diverse as such visions can be, so is the shape of the light. This new series is a kaleidoscope of variations on a theme: hope.

No matter what changes are made to our world, there will always be something worth fighting for – even if it’s just making things better than before. And that’s ultimately why we keep going every day. The principle of hope, in its many forms, is the very basis of every human drive.

3rd June – 8th July 2022 – “Kunst trifft Wave Gotik”- Ausstellung / Exhibition

at Beuteltier Art Gallery, Leipzig

Not just one, but three artists will be on exhibition this year at the gallery, starting on the weekend of Wave-Gotik-Treffen. In addition to my works, you can enjoy the colorful collages by Susan Illingworth, an artist and DJ from Melbourne, Australia.

On Sunday at 4 p.m., Christian von Aster will read from his book “Abraxas”. There will be matching illustrations by Holger Much. More details here.

Öffnungszeiten/Opening times after WGT

Di 13-18 Uhr

Mi 13-18 Uhr

Do geschlossen

Fr 13-16 Uhr

Sa 13-16 Uhr




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