Leipzig, Germany

Memories deconstructed

Memories deconstructed

It was like a whirlwind of emotions when the past seeped into the present and back. The summer’s heat soldering the wires making electric sparks fly in the wind. Hard edges, hyper colours and melancholy mixed up in memories. Long forgotten scenes flash up in your mind, distorted and deformed yet recharged with undefined qualities. Mediated fiction just as real as your memories. Let your brain connect and re-create visions in surreal hues hiding the underlying pain.

It seems like you’re living a thousand lives at once -you feel exhausted but oddly excited too. Intense feelings set off an overload of endorphins that trick you into feeling alive again while every moment passes by so fast it feels unreal. You want to go out there with them where everything is possible but there’s this static buzzing noise in their head, preventing them from thinking hard enough.

And you’re so tired. Your eyelids feel heavy and the room seems to be spinning around and around as if it’s a merry-go-round. It doesn’t seem fair that they get to have so much energy while you can barely keep your eyes open for more than a few minutes at time – you don’t know how they do it! You’re exhausted all the time, yet they seem fresh and able to go on because they never stop moving. They have this way of dragging you along with them too despite what your body may want or need.


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