Leipzig, Germany

Summer 2020 series – Deafening Silence

Summer 2020 series – Deafening Silence

The world is burning, smoke arises from ruins looking like skeletons. As the sky turns yellow-orange the sound of death is getting hard to bear. It’s a deafening silence that comes after the flames. After all is said and done, human kindness is shattered in the face of it’s own destruction. Another world is breaking, gone with the wind, swirling away in bright colours that don\t seem to fit this apocalypse. Hyper colours like the last desperate outcry of life itself.

She ran as fast as her feet would carry her, the ground was burning hot and she didn’t know where to go. The world around her was on fire and there didn’t seem to be any escape from it’s wrath. All of the houses were crumbling to ashes- black blood mixed with bright orange flames that burned high into the sky, so close they felt like they were licking at your skin until even your soul became nothing but a charred husk inside you. People scattered in every direction like shrapnel, looking for shelter or safety anywhere they could find it. Everywhere she turned there seemed to be more destruction- people crying out in angst or pain, buildings collapsing with explosives going off all around them- this couldn’t really be happening.

“What is this place?” she asked herself. “A graveyard? The end of the world as we know it?”  She hadn’t seen anything like it before, in any of the history books or stories. It was just a plain field with nothing on it but hundreds of broken corpses and buildings that looked like they were built from pure fire. The smoke had made her cough until the lungs felt raw and every breath hurt so much that tears had choked her for a moment before streaming down her dirty face. It was getting hard to make out what was reality because everything seemed to be burning now; the ground beneath her feet wasn’t solid anymore and waves of heat rolled off in waves.

Story Art: A new approach to digital creation

I use storytelling as an integral part of my work. I am not limited to any particular medium or approach; rather I employ different media and styles as needed for each individual project. The result is a dynamic body of work that challenges notions about what constitutes ‘art’ with fresh perspectives on creativity. This often involves hours of painstaking detail and work.

I create artwork that is mainly emotional and full of narrative. The paintings will speak to you on a deep level, allowing the viewer’s heartstrings to be tugged as they experience each scene with me. I employ a variety of media and styles to differentiate the pieces that comprise my dynamic body of work. The result is an original way for viewers to experience creativity without limiting themselves by expectations.

My pieces are all one-of-a-kind and will make any room feel like home – adding a modern twist on digital art. These pieces are perfect for you looking to add some personality to your living space or office. And with our affordable prices, these pieces won’t break the bank either! So what are you waiting for? Find your new favorite piece of art!

• Spice up any space with eye-catching original art
• Hang up unique art and have people ask where you got it from
• Bring vibrant colours to your space


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