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HOPE – Series 2021

HOPE by Jea Pics

HOPE – Series 2021

As 2021 comes to a close, a new vision arises. Like a light at the end of the tunnel, the future unfolds in the darkness. And as diverse as dreams can be, so is the shape of the light in the dark. This recent series is a compelling case for variations on a theme: Hope.
All colors of the rainbow show the way. The light at the end of the tunnel was so close now, and it was warm. There are no shadows in sight because there is only pure white light. It’s a new beginning, but you have to make your own path through this colorful world while avoiding everything that doesn’t belong on it. Along the way, you find butterflies and flowers with beautiful colors too like orange and yellow; purple lilies and violet irises; all together they turn into something even more special than what had been expected in life: happiness.
No matter what changes are made to our world, there will always be something worth fighting for – even if it’s just trying to make things better than they were before. And ultimately, this is why we continue every day and explore all avenues towards helping people live better lives; because even though life might not be perfect now or ever again…

Birth of light

The birth of light is an artwork about the hope that vaccines brought to humanity. At a speed never seen before, there was suddenly hope – like some sort of celestial blessing.


The saying, “there is no place like home” often rings true when you walk into your house after being gone for a long time. You get that same sense of comfort and familiarity as the door closes behind you with its familiar creak on the hinges. The feeling just isn’t there in any other environment- not even what used to be considered ‘home.’ At some point in your life it is an abstract idea lighting up in the dark of your mind.


Life in the small can be just as grand and life changing. An atom is just a tiny part of an entire galaxy, but it’s still important to understand that even something smaller than what we usually think about has its own importance. “Micromarco” allows people to see this on a very human level- being both large enough for us all yet also microscopic when compared with our planet or universe; looking at yourself from different perspectives helps you realize how one person may not matter individually, but they are essential nonetheless.

The Promise of Centauri

As humans, we have a overwhelming need to know what the universe has in store for us. We look up at the stars and hope that they will give some sense of purpose or understanding about life on Earth. Much like an ancient scroll with hieroglyphs carved into its surface, it seems as though if only there was someone wise enough among humanity who could interpret these messages written by our ancestors from afar then maybe we would be able to find peace between ourselves and become more than just inhabitants floating through space without any direction whatsoever.

The “Promise of Centauri” is one such story where individuals live their lives looking skyward hoping for something greater but never finding anything substantial until two beings appear out of nowhere claiming themselves to simply “represent”.


Like Life under a microscope, abstract beams render you speechless as to see the magic of this artwork. LIFE unites the aspects of living beings and transports them into an art form that will intrigue any viewer with its energy and distinctiveness.

Toxic Drops of Time

“Toxic Drops of Time” plays into our innate understanding and awareness for how much time passes by us every day without noticing or even realizing it; we are inundated with more information than any other generation before us. But often we never take notice of anything around us – not the surroundings or what’s going on internally within ourselves. So this project helps bring back some mindfulness through visual cues while also making people think about their lives and mortality.

Deep Sea Dentata

The deep sea could be a flowery fantasy, the door to one’s perception or it might just be an abyss of darkness that is too dark and mysterious for even Freudian psychology.

The Rise and Fall of Red

If you look closely, the apple and snake at the center of this painting make reference to a biblical story. But some people see more Harry Potter-esque qualities in it!



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