Leipzig, Germany

Alive with memories: Dunkellichtgestalt

Alive with memories: Dunkellichtgestalt

One year ago, when the world was already fucked up but not as much as now, I went to Berlin. I met Hannah for a beautiful shooting session but it was more than that. We had met shortly times before at the Wave-Gotik-Treffen in Leipzig and have followed each other ever since and it was so good to get to know her in person and to realize that she is just the kind, funny and intelligent person I held her to be.

On a side note, I was in mental and physical distress back then but I did not let that stop me from doing what I felt I needed to do. All those last years leading up to 2020 I felt in a frenzy, doing everything at once, in a hurry, and too busy all the time, doing art fairs and exhibitions because I felt deeply I was running out of it. I could not know how right I was. Now, that time has come to a standstill, and no one knows what will be in two months, we need to adopt a new kind of lifestyle, even with less style but more hope.



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