Leipzig, Germany

A R C A L I D U S – Neurocreation

Arcalidus - Corona Edition

A R C A L I D U S – Neurocreation

Introducing my new series: A R C A L I D U S – Been developing the idea for this for more than a year.

Story Art: A million worlds live inside you

She felt her body tingle with electricity as she accessed the information of the stars. The digital world was vast and infinite in scope; she could travel to any corner of it. The stars were her friends; they warmed her heart and whispered secrets from across the galaxy. She could feel them in every inch of her being, even as she felt herself drift into nothingness. She had been wandering the galaxy for millennia, and discovered a planet that she was unfamiliar with. It’s shining light was gentle and warm; inviting her to explore its vast terrain. She scanned information on it’s inhabitants in order to better understand their culture before deciding who she should visit next.

She was a space creature who had found an abandoned digital camera on the dark side of Earth. With it came access to all of its information and history, which she accessed with such ease that she became lost within its depths for eternity.

The earthlings were small creatures that lived short lives; their minds were simple but they had many beautiful things to share with others. It made them happy when other’s took notice of what they did, so they always strove to make themselves better than before…to be kind for kindness’ sake. Her mind wandered and settled on a planet where a special earthling dwelt. The earthling seemed so captivating from what little she could glean about them through her telescope. She hesitated, uncertain whether or not this would be a good idea, but curiosity got the better of her and she found herself staring at his life from afar- standing outside his apartment building, looking out over the city that he lived in. His name flashed across what seemed like miles away- it was so small in comparison to how large his universe truly is. It read ‘A million worlds live inside you’.

After searching through all the data about this species, studying them closely and learning more about their way of life, she went out to meet the earthling. They looked so different from what she is used to seeing yet they were so beautiful. Because they lived on opposite sides of reality, there was usually no way for them to meet. But when the boundary between worlds became thin, the two universes touched and merged into one, creating something stronger than anyone could ever imagine existing before. They were immortal, real in both worlds.

1. Neurocreation⠀

2. Ex-Interior⠀

3. Fearfest

4. Count to 3 and u r me

5. One, one, two

6. Tractale digitale⠀

Edited in Adobe Premiere and After Effects. Music created with my Akai MPK Mini and Garageband.

About my work

The digital in relation to reality form somber and melancholic visual mindscapes with insights of vulnerability and strength at the same time. Depending on the artistic concept I also use video, animation but also acrylic and spray paint. My work often explores questions of female representation and the relationship between body and self.





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