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Arcalidus - Corona Edition

A R C A L I D U S – Neurocreation

Introducing my new series: A R C A L I D U S – Been developing the idea for this for more than a year. Story Art: A million worlds live inside you She felt her body tingle with electricity as she accessed the information of the stars. The digital world was vast and infinite …

The Spider – DesignArt Project, Hamburg – Leipzig

I met Lea Theres Lahr-Thiele at Designer’s Open in Leipzig, her booth was next to mine in the Newcomer Catwalk in the main salon. She is a talented young fashion designer just starting off with her Label “Staylight”. Her mind is drawn to the artsy and resourceful side of the matter. I liked her style …

Merry Glitchmas!

Three weeks ago I was between projects, I could not think of anything I would want to share, nor did I have any idea what to do next. And that is okay, because pre-Christmas everything goes havoc and time flies like crazy. And yet, on a Friday night, while lying awake in the early hours, …

Neuralink me

Maybe you are not the voice in your head but the one who is listening… And even more so what if we implant the whole world in your mind, connecting you with every mind alive…. I looked at the screen and it became a vast ocean before me. The waves of this watery world reached …

ABMW – Five Stages of Grief

This series also refers to the five stages of grief. The Five stages of grief is a term that refers to the emotional response following loss. It can be triggered by any major life change such as death, job termination or relationship ending and it will mess you up in every way possible. Although they …

The glitch is back

The night was deep, black, and full of stars. The air was cool and crisp on my skin as I walked home. My heart felt like it had been put through a blender with all the thoughts that were going through my head earlier today—the day before yesterday really but time is relative in that …

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