Leipzig, Germany

The Spider – DesignArt Project, Hamburg – Leipzig

The Spider – DesignArt Project, Hamburg – Leipzig

I met Lea Theres Lahr-Thiele at Designer’s Open in Leipzig, her booth was next to mine in the Newcomer Catwalk in the main salon. She is a talented young fashion designer just starting off with her Label “Staylight”. Her mind is drawn to the artsy and resourceful side of the matter. I liked her style and we talked a bit and some months after the fair she contacted me for a project she had in mind. She had that design of a spidery dress and wanted to find a conceptual representation of it, model, make-up and location and all. I was hooked once I saw what she did. After some consideration of different settings and art references such as the immense spider sculptures of Louise Bourgois, we set a date.


Making Of – The Spider

At the end of January 2019, we all met in Hamburg for some extraordinary shooting. The “Schwerdesign”-location was perfect, also I wanted to focus on light and shadow – Lea was even able to get a fog machine! It was freezing cold and the model did not wear a lot, also our time was limited. But I really wanted to make the most out of it. In a team effort of putting on insane Make-Up by Josephine Winter, dressing the model and carrying around the light in every corner we had the most amazing time there. After the shooting was done, it was on me to find the right tone for the pictures in developing the photos. My beloved black & white would not suffice for this particular project, so I delved into a matte cyan-yellowish dark mood. Luckily, everyone involved was very happy with the results – and I am pretty sure, will remember this night fondly.



Credits & Links

Design: “Staylight”
Make-Up by Josephine Winter
Photography & Lighting: JeaPics
Model: Rae S.
Location: “Schwerdesign”-location


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