Leipzig, Germany

Neuralink me

Neuralink me

Maybe you are not the voice in your head but the one who is listening…
And even more so what if we implant the whole world in your mind, connecting you with every mind alive….

I looked at the screen and it became a vast ocean before me. The waves of this watery world reached out to the edges of my vision, slowly but surely filling up every space until there was nothing else left for me to see. I could feel all these minds around me as they grew closer, their thoughts touching mine with gentle caresses that sent shivers down my spine.

But then everything fell away from me in an instant and I was looking at the screen again- only now it had changed colors and shapes right in front of my eyes like a kaleidoscope. There were so many people here with senses unlike anything I have ever seen before; something about seeing through another person’s eyes is always fascinatingly different.

I remember the day that went viral. The day we all knew it was happening, and there was nothing anyone could do to stop it. It felt like a tidal wave of information crashing over me, taking up every last piece of space inside my mind and leaving room for little else. I remembered how it felt like I couldn’t think about anything but the people around me. How images made their way into my head unbidden, flashes of memories from across the world in places I would never visit in person or even know existed until now.

It’s been three months since then, but these days feel more distant than ever before. Because now no matter where I go or what time zone I’m in; everyone is here with me.

The brain-computer interface (BCI) by Elon Musk (Neuralink) wants to help humans keep pace with rapid advancements in AI. The potential dangers of artificial intelligence are manifold, especially if it becomes more powerful relative to our own ability to control and understand it. His solution is to bring humans onto the same level, to empower them likewise. The implications of this development are both exciting and frightening as every technology has its weaknesses. And yet, the mere possibility of an enhanced human merged with the machine is exhilarating, another science fiction novel coming to life.


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