Leipzig, Germany

Black beaches, bright memories

Black beaches, bright memories

This was a small trip to the island of Kefalonia, Greece in June 2018. Sometimes the best thing about being on an island is just getting away from it all. There’s something special about looking out over endless water, to your left and right as far as you can see in every direction⁠ ’til there are no more directions around you but up or down.

Steel pierces the clouds and nothing is visible for miles. Let your thoughts wander like the wind on a serene plain, revealing that you’ve lost yourself in thoughts among these empty spaces.⁠

Existence is a loop. The waves wash the sand, and as they do so time starts again with an echoing footstep on the beach. Elements meet in a blink of an eye and fade into indifferent gray.⁠ The sand is so soft, but it’s hard to keep your balance in the waves. The sound of footsteps might be difficult to hear with all the crashing and roaring from nature around you; however, one should not make that mistake because they’ll find themselves sinking into a dark abyss full of water if they get too close…⁠The pebbles on the sand you love to collect are nothing more than memories. They’re reminders that hard edges, an element of our pasts we’d like to forget about or leave behind us forever, can be smoothed out into a nostalgic memory with time and distance from tragedy.⁠



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