Leipzig, Germany

Hope IV: Metamorphosis

Hope IV: Metamorphosis

The truth can cut you like a samurai sword. And yet, we crave authenticity. Because there is beauty in truth and truth in beauty.⁠

Sometimes the truth comes out slowly. Almost like it has yet to decide which form to take. Much similar to a puppet turning into a creature as light as the wind and as beautiful as a flower. The story of the butterfly is like something out of a fairy tale. One day, it stops eating and hangs upside down from a twig or leaf until spinning itself into silk threads that will eventually become its protective casing where within radical transformation occurs to resemble an adult moth or butterfly when finally emerging.

The final pieces of the series “Hope” mark the beginning of a transformation happening. And at the same time, it is the end. Because as soon as the change starts, hope is no longer a mere concept, it becomes reality, the truth.


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