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Vietnam Views

Vietnam Views

You know those moments where the world seems to crack open and you never see things the same way again? ⁠

Some people say that the world changes in an instant. ⁠I remember vividly when everything seemed to change for me and nothing would ever be the same again; not just because of what happened but also how much this affected me emotionally afterward.

People tell me, it amazes them when they see my pictures of places that are familiar to them. Somehow I catch different details that have escaped their perception. Maybe my view of the world is a bit warped. I love seeing people’s faces light up when they see their hometown or favorite vacation spot on one of my photos because that tells me I captured something special from those moments with them too.⁠
I take pictures of things that seem normal to most people, but I have a way of catching hidden details in my shots. Sometimes it makes me think the world is just as strange and twisted when you look at its many sides through different lenses.⁠

And I’ve found that, even though we have all of these unique technologies for cameras and smartphones nowadays, many people still love black and white photography, right? It’s something about the contrast and absolute beauty of structures. What do you think?⁠

In 2018 was my first (and so far last) really big trip – to Vietnam. Starting off on the island Phu Quoc, upwards to Hochiminh city, Hoi an and Hanoi. Yes, it was quite a culture shock, even if Vietnam displays some familiar communist traits, as a whole, it was so totally different. inspiring, but exhausting for sure.



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