Leipzig, Germany

Whiteout: Winter in Leipzig

Whiteout: Winter in Leipzig

The snow is crisp and crunchy beneath my boots. I walk around, doing nothing much at all- just walking without any real destination or purpose to it. My thoughts are dark today; they’re pulled down by the weight of that feeling – that emptiness. ⁠

⁠I walk through the snow, trying to follow the paw prints. I don’t know how long it’s been since they stopped. It feels like hours, but my heart is cold and pounding in my chest. My eyes are wet with tears of sorrow as I search for an answer. The trees around me look sad too; their branches drooping under a harsh sky that won’t give them any relief from winter’s cruel grip.⁠

It’s hard for me to see light right now; but even if I could find some it would be fleeting because soon enough the sun will set and everything will go back to how it was before: tree branches reaching out like arms, everything barren and gray again. The only thing good about this time of year is when you can feel something close to peace.⁠



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