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Dysmorphysis – Body Secrets

Dysmorphysis – Body Secrets

We are limbs, fat, skin, bones, spots and hair. The body has many secrets. It’s a discomfort (Dysmorphysis) that comes with body functions and things, that we constantly try to cover up. We feel disconnected to our own bodies, our physical being. We see ourselves only distorted, dysmorphed in faults and details. What would someone else feel if you changed bodies for a day? What kind of physical emotions, bodily discomfort, little pains and expansions.

Our body is full of secrets we hide. The sensation can be a lot for some people who are sensitive and fragile about their bodies or have been through difficult moments in the past. Imagine what someone else would feel like if you switched your physical appearance around from head-to-toe? What kind of new feelings could they experience physically when encountering different parts of the human form: fat, skin, bones spots and hair – all things most people come into contact with on a regular basis by brushing them off as nothing important? What would it be like to see the human body as something more than just a collection of bones and skin?

Imagine your own skeleton, stripped down or even covered in muscle. It’s fascinating how much we take for granted when we don’t have an understanding of what makes up our natural form–and that includes all those individual parts working together with one another!

Imagine your own skeleton, stripped bare or even encased by muscles. It’s exciting how little you know about yourself without having any knowledge on what constitutes such a fundamental part of who you are-all these limbs coming together to create this complex machine able do so many different things at once. There are about six hundred muscles in our bodies alone! Our brain moves us around at will; all while never having any pause or rest for itself. And what might seem like useless things can actually do so much when you really start looking deeper into them – they keep everything going on inside your head!




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