Leipzig, Germany

Parisian Melancholia

Parisian Melancholia

Oh, behold, the city of light. Even in the dark, it radiates. The place where dreams meet history and beauty in perfect unison. Paris truly is hard to compare to any other European metropolis.

It is a place where dreams meet and history continues to echo with beauty. The streets are like picture books, townhouses adorned by huge French windows holding cast-iron balconies that carry us back into past times when grandeur was everywhere we looked: old buildings speak volumes about how great this aging metropolis truly is! Standing there alone on any street corner gives you an idea as to why people spend so much time coming here for inspiration – it’s absolutely magical!

The grandeur of past times echoes with the heavy masonries. Just to exist there and look at the Opera Garnier, within these quarters, is a pleasure. It’s not just the architecture that shines, but also those who reside inside it: artists with their talent to share; aristocrats enjoying themselves in an extravagant showcase of wealth; lovers coming together on this stage for moments they’ll never forget…and me, taking it all in from afar. Life itself enlarged and humbled at the same time…take a walk with me through the streets of my Parisian Melancholy.



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