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Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2021 – OpenAir and Online

Wave-Gotik-Treffen 2021 – OpenAir and Online

There was at least some hope that I would be able to exhibit again, as the “Schwarzes Leipzig”- organizers asked me to take part in this year’s little event at the Moritzbastei. But as they are not yet allowed to open the interiors, that’s not going to happen. However, other small events will take place open-air style in Leipzig. Of course, it is not a good idea to have people come over from around the world right now; everything is kept small and follows strict rules. This will be for the locals mainly, for those fully vaccinated and tested.

The Wave-Gotik-Treffen itself cannot take place. The organizers had to cancel despite their efforts to find different solutions at the end of April, releasing the following statement:

“(…)In the last weeks and months we have worked out different concepts to realise a WGT in an appropriate framework. We have also tried to make these concepts feasible under the constantly changing conditions. This required, among other things, the planning of different venues that deviated from the classic WGT locations, which had to be provided with completely different admission-, hygiene- and security-concepts. (…)
Now, since the end of this week, it looks as if all cultural events, of whatever size and orientation, and for us in particular of course the WGT, are prohibited. Of course, we are still keeping open the option of holding an event at Whitsun, of whatever kind. However, it is also likely that the framework conditions will not correspond to those of a traditional WGT. Therefore, in the case of such a potential event, the entrance tickets already purchased for the WGT would not apply, i.e. they would retain their value for the following year. Of course, in such a case everyone is free to make use of their right of return. (…) We, and we think we can speak for many Leipzigers as well, miss you very much and look forward to seeing you again as soon as possible! (…)”

Just a taste of WGT: Picknick and Moritzbastei

Some of the small events taking place will be: a Victorian (or more general) “Picknick” on Friday. As it has always been an informal meeting in the Clara-Zetkins-Park anyways, people are very likely to gather around there. They did last year, too, although of course not a lot of them.

“Schwarzes Leipzig” at Moritzbastei:  A small OpenAir beer garden on thursday from 5 pm and and Friday, Saturday, Sunday announced readings, live acts und resident DJs.


The following things are important:

* certified negative test (not older than 24 hours, except for twice vaccinated people whose last vaccination was more than 2 weeks ago)
* Mask compulsory wherever the distance rules cannot be applied

Where can I get tested?

You can test yourself with an appointment very quickly and easily at the train station,
in the Mädler Passage and in the Gewandhaus, among other places:


Test center at Testcenter Mädler Passage:
Test center at EFG am Brühl:

Beer garden and music at Torhaus Dölitz

At the Torhaus Dölitz, where usually the “Heidnisches Dorf” is taking place an event called “Pest-Treffen 2021” has been announced, referring to the plague obv.

*UPDATE* Unfortunately, no live concerts but still music, food and fun.
It starts with a beer garden on Friday with dark romantic music, goes on at Saturday and Sunday and ends on Monday with another chill beer garden time.
It is required to keep distance on site and to wear masks at the stands. Registration and a test are not required.
Our stands open on Friday from 3 p.m. on all other Pentecost days from 12 p.m. See here for more Info.

Concerts at TankBar & Hellraiser

Similar to last year, the alternative bar at Jahnallee 52 will deliver some music, starting Friday with Ohrenpeyn and DJ Darkland

and Saturday live on stage: Terrorfrequenz/The Snatcher. 

On Sunday the LineUp reads like this: Age Of Heaven, DTORN & Snatcher. Corona rules apply.


On Sunday at Hellraiser (Werkstättenstraße 4) these acts will be on stage: PAINBASTARD + UNTERSCHICHT + GIMME SHELTER. See here for more info. The number of visitors is limited, tests or vaccination required. Checking in your data at the entrance is necessary for tracking contacts (Corona App is okay).

Stay safe, watch a Livestream: World Goth Day, Gothic Pogo and Grauzone

Who, like me, is far too careful to indulge in these meetings just yet, might enjoy the World Goth Day Stream 2021 on Twitch on 22 May.

This year the event will go on for a complete day, featuring 48 half-hour DJ sets from 53 DJs or DJ couples from 24 countries – a truly international event to bring the local scenes together.
Find the DJ lineup and timetable here.


GPP 2021

And, my favourite of them all: Gothic Pogo Festival 14.666 – Live Stream Friday till Monday.
The crews of Mutant Transmissions and Unter Null will bring you special live performances and DJ* sets from all over the world!

Click here for more Info. Where: https://www.twitch.tv/nydecay

Grauzone Festival 2021 – ONLINE EDITION is taking place on Friday and Saturday featuring an impressive Lineup you can view here. The online edition will be freely accessible worldwide & donation based. I might look into that one too.


As always, stay calm and safe, have a good time and see you next year!


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