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Hope IV: Metamorphosis

The truth can cut you like a samurai sword. And yet, we crave authenticity. Because there is beauty in truth and truth in beauty.⁠ Sometimes the truth comes out slowly. Almost like it has yet to decide which form to take. Much similar to a puppet turning into a creature as light as the wind …

Beauty in Darkness and Light: The Appeal of Black & White Art

A connoisseur of dark art often displays also a love for monochrome art in his home. He says that he just likes the ambiance they create and tries to rotate things around from time to time so it doesn’t get stale-looking. And while some of us might roll our eyes at this or think him …

Hope, Part III: Nature & Artifice

We are on the verge of a new chapter in human history. In this New World, we will see how our relationship to nature changes as it becomes more sustainable and symbiotic with society. As humanity continues to grow through artificial intelligence and nanotechnologies, so too do all other species of life that have been …

How to find the perfect artwork for your home

Maybe you live in a home with plain walls and now it’s time to spice up the place. You’re moving into a new house, or maybe you have an artistic eye that want wants your living space to reflect individualism. Either way, there are many ways of getting creative with blank spaces on the wall …

Hope, Part II: The Making of a World

The world is reshaping every day, and it will never be the same after 2020. As we delve deeper into this new life post-crisis, a lot of things are happening that make us want to give up hope but how much did “normal” ever serve anyone well? New solutions for our problems might just come …

Jea Pics WGT 2020

What does your taste in Dark Art say about you?

Art is the color of life – we might or might not accept its importance in life, but it can still say a lot about personalities. If you prefer dark colors, black and white photography, there may be more than meets the eye. Your preference in art says a lot about your personality traits such …

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